Traveling on my own to Greece and Turkey in the summer of 1992 was a fantastic trip.

The beautiful azure blues of the sky and water against the white buildings never ceased to take my breath away.

Plain air painting is one of my favorite ways to paint. Sitting outdoors with the sun on my face, a nice breeze blowing and watching the shadows of the day change has always inspired me.

I love to paint from life, the colors are always richer in real life, the dark’s are rarely ever black, but a multitude of colors appearing to look black.

About the images:

I love using watercolor or acrylics when painting while traveling. They dry quickly and one usually has to paint quickly since the shadows change as the day progresses.

I love the challenge of mixing the paint to get just the right color.

Also treating the acrylic paint like watercolor one can achieve beautiful soft effects for water and sky.